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Often times, people say, “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” We believe lemonade is significant, but not the only product lemons can create.

FARWF exists to say, “Life is more than lemonade.”

Ever since our founder Richie was diagnosed with grade 4 brain cancer in 2012, his mom said to make lemon cake, lemon tarts, lemon Febreeze, lemon socks, lemon everything. According to Mama Bear, “if life gives you lemons, make more than lemonade.”

From being diagnosed with grade 4 brain cancer or having a let me down can be a lemon.But, you can feel better and do all you can with it.

When Richie was diagnosed and his mom told him to do all you can with this situation, he did a lot of things. He created a lot of healthy recipes. He’s a singer/songwriter so, he was inspired to write and record another album, and of course… He established For A Reason World Foundation.


We believe we are made for more than lemonade, and so are you.

Let’s make more than lemonade together.

Richie’s battle with cancer inspired him to establish this foundation. In 2013, Richie collaborated with his friend Emily to launch this non-profit. Expectations were not only met, but exceeded! Today FARWF is up and running, and we are moving toward bigger and better things.

Partner with us in diminishing the financial burdens of art therapy costs by attending one of our events, donating online, or volunteering with us in-person.

Richie and his family receive an abundance of love, help and support from family and friends. This overwhelming inspiration empowered Richie and his older sister Alexis to give back to others by establishing FARWF.

For more up-to-date information on FARWF and what we do, visit our Blog.


Richie is a force to be reckoned with. The brain cancer warrior is a whirlwind of passion, hilarity and kindness. He is a delightful combination of the music he makes, jokes he cracks, and compliments he provides.

The devil came knocking at his door on November 24, 2012, when he had brain surgery and the doctors discovered two cancerous tumors. Mr. Tofu and Kevin, as Richie likes to call them, are pesky little buggers, and though they try, they will never steal Richie’s eternal joy.

When Richie is not making this world a better place through FARWF, he’s making it sound like a lovelier home through music. He plays keyboards, bass guitar, violin, acoustic guitar, ukulele, mandolin, cajon, harmonium, and more. He also sings, and writes his own songs. To hear some of his music, visit his Facebook fan page.

Richie knows music therapy works, because he uses it every day when he plays music. He believes in the power of self-expression, and he’s spreading its impact with the world. Join Richie in supporting others who seek therapeutic treatment, by volunteering, donating, or praying for FARWF.